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Nefertiti lift is an incredibly tailored treatment named after the Egyptian queen Nefertiti, universally recognized for her elegant neck and jawline. If you want to improve your jawline definition and prevent sagging skin around your neck, you may want to consider this injectable and non-surgical treatment.

At Joli Beautique, we use cosmetic Botox to restore optimal jawline definition to your face, making you look and feel significantly younger.

What is a Nefertiti Lift?

Nefertiti lift is a highly-tailored injectable treatment for the loss of jawline definition and sagging skin. It involves the careful injection of Botox into the areas along the jawline and platysma bands on the base of the neck. You’ll notice a chiseled jawline with optimal definition a few days after the treatment.

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How Does Nefertiti Lift Work?

To understand how Nefertiti lift works, you must understand the reason for the loss of jawline definition and how Botox works.

The loss of jawline definition occurs when the platysma bands (a group of vertical muscles from the base of the neck to the jaw) pull your lower face downwards. This makes your skin droop downwards, leading to a loss of jawline definition.

Botox is an injectable composed of a neurotoxin protein (botulinum toxin type A) that temporarily paralyzes targeted muscle groups. When injected into the platysma muscles, it prevents them from pulling your skin downwards, allowing the muscles on the upper face to lift your skin and restore jawline definition.

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Nefertiti Lift Treats:

  • Loss of jawline definition
  • Prominent neck bands
  • Sagging skin on the lower face

Benefits of Nefertiti Lift:

  • Non-surgical treatment
  • No pain or discomfort
  • Minimal side effects
  • No major complications
  • Restores jawline definition
  • Quick “lunchtime” procedure
  • Results appear within a week
  • Results last for several months
  • No downtime

Side Effects of Nefertiti Lift

Like all cosmetic injectables involving botulinum toxin, you may experience mild redness, swelling, irritation, itching, and bruising around the injection sites. Adverse reactions include flu-like symptoms, headaches, weakness in your neck, and difficulty swallowing.

However, the adverse reactions usually occur due to poor injection skills, so they can be avoided if you consult highly skilled and certified injectors.

Nefertiti Lift FAQs:

What to expect with treatment?

During the Nefertiti lift, your cosmetic provider will carefully examine your skin types and concerns, discuss your goals, and review your medical history. They’ll curate the ideal treatment plan and identify the ideal injection sites.

After numbing your skin with topical anesthesia, the doctor will inject Botox into the treatment areas using ultrafine needles. Most patients feel a pinch as the needle goes into the skin, but there’s no pain or discomfort.

When will I see the results?

The results from Nefertiti lift start appearing in 2 to 3 days with continued improvements for up to 2 weeks. The results last up to 6 months.

How to maintain the results?

You should avoid rubbing the treatment areas, strenuous activities, or laying down for several hours after the treatment. The cosmetic provider will also offer other tips to maintain the results longer.

Am I a suitable candidate?

You’re a suitable candidate for Nefertiti lift if you’re an adult over 18 years of age with a sagging jawline. You should also be free from all Botox-related allergies, and you shouldn’t be pregnant or nursing at the time.

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At Joli Beautique, we pride ourselves on providing the most innovative treatments for various skin concerns and cosmetic problems. Even though Cosmetic Botox is generally associated with wrinkle relaxation, we’ve repurposed its capabilities to restore optimal jawline definition. Furthermore, we curate each treatment plan according to the patient’s unique goals and needs, ensuring optimal results.

For more information on the Nefertiti lift, please schedule an appointment at our medical spa in Doylestown, Pennsylvania, today.

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